Figure 1.13                               Figure 1.14                             Figure 1.15.

Figure 1.16                               Figure 1.17                      

TAREK AZZAM is an assistant professor at Claremont Graduate University, and associate director of the Claremont Evaluation Center.

STEPHANIE EVERGREEN is an evaluator who runs Evergreen Data, a data presentation consulting firm.

AMY A. GERMUTH is an independent evaluator and owner of EvalWorks, LLC,an evaluation and survey consulting firm in Durham, NC.

SUSAN J. KISTLER is the executive director of the American Evaluation Association and the owner of iMeasure Media. She has shepherded AEA’s evolution over the past 10 years through an era of technological evolution to where it is at the forefront of associations its size in terms of the adoption and leveraging of technology and social media in pursuit of its mission and goals.

Figure 1.4                                Figure 1.5                              Figure 1.6.

Figure 1.7                                Figure 1.8                              Figure 1.9.

Figure 1.10                               Figure 1.11                             Figure 1.12.

Figure 1.1                                Figure 1.2                              Figure 1.3.

Chapter 1:

Data Visualization & Evaluation

Tarek Azzam, Stephanie EvergreenAmy Germuth & Susan Kistler *